Dear America | Reflections & Notes

Jose Antonio Vargas. Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen. HarperCollins, 2018. [Advance Reader’s Edition] (231 pages) REFLECTIONS The fraying … More

Reversing Roe | Reflections

Netflix. Reversing Roe. [NR, 2018] 99 minutes. Movie Info (from Rotten Tomatoes) Forty-five years after it revolutionized abortion law in America, … More

Costly Grace | Review & Notes

Rob Schenck. Costly Grace: An Evangelical Minister’s Rediscovery of Faith, Hope, and Love. Harper, 2018. (324 pages) Review I really love … More

The Armor Of Light | Reflections

The Armor Of Light, 2015 [PG-13] I was reminded of this film because of Rob Schenck’s new book Costly Grace that … More

The Final Year | Review

The Final Year. Magnolia Pictures, 2017 “History doesn’t move in a straight line. It zigs and zags. Sometimes goes forward, … More

Tickling Giants | Reflections

Tickling Giants (2016) TV-14 | 1h 51min | Documentary | 10 April 2017 (Egypt) One of the most engaging documentaries I’ve seen in a while, Tickling Giants displays what … More

Okay. Let’s Talk About It.

“Seek first to understand.” – Socrates “Shema (שמע)” – Deuteronomy 6:5 Okay, friends. Let’s talk about it. A Pastor, The … More

The Choice 2016

Transcript | View Film | NARRATOR: This past July, Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination. DONALD TRUMP: I humbly and … More