Son of Hamas | Notes & Revew

Posted on June 28, 2010


Mosab Hassan Yousef. Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices. Salt River, 2010 (265 pages)

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A few intriguing quotes from the entirety of the story:

Without a constitution to maintain some semblance of order, religious law becomes the highest authority. And when everyone is free to interpret and enforce the law as he sees fit, chaos ensures. To the outside world, the Middle Eastern conflict is simply a tug-of-war over a small stretch of land. But the real problem is that no one yet has understood the real problem. (xv)

They were not terrorists by nature. They were just people who had run out of hope and options. (31)

I understood that we all share the same common enemies: greed, pride, and all the bad ideas and the darkness of the devil that live inside us. (122)

Loving and forgiving one’s enemies is the only real way to stop the bloodshed. (148)

Being a revolutionary is all about purity and rigidity. But governing is all about compromise and flexibility. (224)

As long as we continue to search for enemies anywhere but inside ourselves, there will always be a Middle East problem. (250)

Truth and forgiveness are the only solution for the Middle East. The challenge, especially between Israelis and Palestinians, is not to find the solution. The challenge is to be the first courageous enough to embrace it. (251)

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These short snippets are some of the main ideological “take-aways.” The autobiographical sketch of Yousef’s life and experiences provides an important window into the issue. For those unfamiliar with the recent history of Israel/Palestine, this may be a good starting place (though other resources are needed), and it will be important to understanding the nuances and intricacies of the conflict that are often over-simplified through Western eyes.

I leave for my 9th trip to Israel in 4 days. After reading this book, the ending quote seems most apropos for the kind of message I personally would like to leave with the 40 people we are touring around, learning and studying the story of the Scriptures.