Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Posted on May 17, 2012


Liberia, a West African country of 3 million people, was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves.

Their descendants formed an elite class which dominated indigenous ethnic groups for more than a century.

Rising tensions finally erupted into civil war in 1989.

From then on, Liberians suffered a prolonged period of violence. At times, fighting was concentrated in the countryside. Other times, the conflict raged through the capitol, Monrovia.

By 2002, over 200,000 people had died. One out of three people had been displaced.

There was no end in sight.

Then, ordinary women did the unimaginable.

How do we move on if we don’t forgive?

Many of the child soldiers were as much victims as we were.

It is the women who labored and advocated for peace throughout our region. – Madam Sirleaf, first woman president of Africa.

— UPDATE, May 30, 2012 —

Judge Gives Taylor 50 Years for ‘Heinous’ Crimes in War –

Charles Taylor Sentenced to 50 Years for War Crimes – PBS Frontline