Unstoppable | Reflections

Adam Rex. Unstoppable. Chronicle Books, 2020.


My 6-year-old daughter read this to me this morning. The poignancy of this simple lesson was serendipitous, today, 11 days before what many are calling the most consequential American election in recent memory.

And people say if the night is clear, and your heart is true, you can still see Congresibirdraburtlebear flying over this great land–passing laws and pinching the noses that need to be pinched.

Our national bird is an eagle because it’s easier to draw.

Goodnight, children.

The principle is essentially true, that we are, as a people, “unstoppable.” The great challenge, of course, is the struggle for what kind of people we will be.

Additionally, “unstoppable” evokes “power,” a word that means both “agency” and “force.” The results of any election are an “outcome,” but not necessarily the “soul” of the electorate. There will always be voices in our society that are squelched, hopes disappointed, and the psychological consequences that come with “losing.”

As such, we must never forget the more fundamental battle is always and perennially for the character of our humanity. We cannot simply depend upon fate. We must intentionally nurture the “better angels of our nature,” to heal open wounds, fix broken systems, care for broken people, and discard broken policies. In that sense, the need to make the very best of ourselves, and therefore, for our world, is unstoppable.

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