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Talking Across The Divide | Review & Notes

August 18, 2018


Justin Lee. Talking Across The Divide: How to Communicate with People You Disagree with and Maybe Even Change the World. Tarcher Perigee, 2018. (259 pages); Penguin Random House publisher page REVIEW Oh how I wish that everyone who thinks arguing anything and everything online is a good idea would read this book. It could save […]

Krista Tippett on the Art of Conversation | Review & Notes

January 24, 2018


Udemy Course online. [2018] Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 1 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 2 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 3 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 4 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 5 REVIEW The following are my rough notes and highlights. Tippett’s grounding voice, presence, and ideals are deeply important for our personal and public life. There are very […]

TED | Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation

January 23, 2018


All right, I want to see a show of hands: how many of you have unfriended someone on Facebook because they said something offensive about politics or religion, childcare, food And how many of you know at least one person that you avoid because you just don’t want to talk to them? You know, it […]

The Idea Book | Quotes

April 26, 2017


Fredrik Härén. The Idea Book. “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” – Walter Lippmann “Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” – George Lois “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo […]

I Am Not Your Guru | Reflections

September 8, 2016


I Am Not Your Guru. Netflix Documentary (2016). There is perhaps nothing as captivating and mysterious as what influences human emotion and behavior. There is also perhaps nothing that attracts more criticism–as reported by this Newsweek article–than those who claim to hold the secrets of that influence. The greater the master, the larger the, well, […]

A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you go on stage

February 25, 2016


Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May and Emily Ludolph February 14, 2016 at 12:00 pm PST Gina Barnett advises a speaker before the annual TED Conference. Below, her best last-minute public speaking tips. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED The weekend before a TED conference, each speaker rehearses their talk in the TED theater. It’s a chance for the […]

12 Angry Men | Reflections

October 14, 2015


12 Angry Men. 1957 [NR] 12 Angry Men is a dramatic depiction of a jury whose deliberations about a murder case set the stage for a variety of group dynamics and realities that emerge out of the human spirit. In addition to the heart-wrenching display of how a human system is susceptible to the inadequacies […]