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We Still Don’t Get It | Transcript & Highlights

February 7, 2015


We Still Don't Get It

Moo, Doublas. We Still Don’t Get It: Evangelicals and Bible Translation Fifty Years After James Barr. Presentation from the 2014 ETS Annual Meeting. Zondervan, 2014. By Douglas J. Moo Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies Wheaton College Chair, Committee on Bible Translation ISBN: 9780310443629 Fifty years is a long time: although considerably shorter now that my […]

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Simply Good News | Notes & Reflections

February 7, 2015


simply good news

N.T. Wright. Simply Good News: Why the Gospel Is News and What Makes It Good. HarperOne, 2015. (189 pages) Thank you Janelle! I’m always, forever grateful! Reviews: Andrew Wilson, Christianity Today; Michael Bird, Patheos; Dan Wilkinson, Patheos; Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed; Gene Breitenbach, Above The Haze. 1. What’s the News? I am arguing that the […]

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The Gay Christian Network Conference, 2015 | Reflections & Open Letter

January 11, 2015


GCN Front Page Screen Shot

This last weekend I attended the Gay Christian Network (GCN) Conference. It was my first time attending anything associated with GCN. I was one of the ~600 brand new attendees as the conference has grown from ~700 in 2014 to ~1300 in 2015. Below I will offer my thoughts, reflections, and commentary. I will close this post […]