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Global Leadership Summit 2016| Live Notes & Reflections

August 11, 2016


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Session 1 – Bill Hybels Four kinds of “lenses” that leaders wear. 1. Bright Red: passionate, fired up leaders. “Passion is the protein of a team.” What has the highest effect on people is to be around a passion filled leader. So, how does a leader get passionate? Personality transplant? Usually, passion comes from either […]

TEDx | Daniel Kao: The Promise of Education Technology

August 10, 2016



Diplateevo. White House.gov post. Around this time last year, I was chatting with one of my friends about the recent trend of college hackathons and he blurted, “wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hackathon at the white house?” We talked about it a bit before getting back to our homework. I am a computer […]

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0 | Notes

August 5, 2016


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Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. Emotional Intelligence 2.0. TalentSmart, 2009. (255 pages) Talent Smart’s site. 1. The Journey The communication between your emotional and rational “brains” is the physical source of emotional intelligence. The pathway for emotional intelligence starts in the brain, at the spinal cord. Your primary senses enter here and must travel to […]