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Jesus Feminist | Notes & Review

October 29, 2016



Sarah Bessey. Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women / Exploring God’s Radical Notion That Women Are People Too. Howard Books, 2013. (235 pages) Sarah’s website. CT article: ‘I’m a Feminist Because I Love Jesus So Much’. Shepherds Theological Seminary review. Jonathan Merritt on RNS review/interview. Perhaps most intriguing is the […]

13th | Reflections & Loose Transcript

October 29, 2016



13th. Netflix, 2016. — via reflections — I find my heart being broken and my soul being weighted down more often these days. The more I discover about the plight of my fellow human beings, the greater my frustration and discontent grows. I have, by birth and by choice, been opted into this story, as […]

InterVarsity’s “A Theological Summary on Human Sexuality” | Critique and Commentary

October 16, 2016



The recent news of InterVarsity’s (IV) position on same-sex marriage is yet another chapter in a very long and arduous epic story of Evangelicalism and sexual ethics. I got word about this through friends via the posting, and IV has posted a clarification of the article’s report. Already, there is a petition for […]