Leaving My Father’s Faith | Reflections

February 1, 2018


campolofilm.com. Tony Campolo’s influence in my life has been a tremendous life-giving, eye-opening, faith-challenging presence. I have appreciated his words–sometimes comforting, many times discomfortingly prophetic–as he spoke about a Christian faith so unlike the one I had acquired. The dry, pat, and simplistic faith that I, and so many grew up with and lived paled […]

Able Works Forum: American Dreamers: Creating An Immigration System That Works For All | Notes & Reflections

February 1, 2018


ABLE:WORKS Forum. NOTES Keynote Speaker: Jose Antonio Vargas. DOCUMENTED [film] White People, MTV Full Documentary: The keynote began with the question, How do you define “American?” Vargas’s use of data was excellent, all of which can be found at defineamerican.com/facts, and defineamerican.com/daca. CA is about 2.5 million immigrants. That means, nearly 1 out of every 10 immigrants […]

Krista Tippett on the Art of Conversation | Review & Notes

January 24, 2018


Udemy Course online. [2018] Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 1 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 2 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 3 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 4 Krista Tippett Conversation Starter 5 REVIEW The following are my rough notes and highlights. Tippett’s grounding voice, presence, and ideals are deeply important for our personal and public life. There are very […]

TED | Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation

January 23, 2018


All right, I want to see a show of hands: how many of you have unfriended someone on Facebook because they said something offensive about politics or religion, childcare, food And how many of you know at least one person that you avoid because you just don’t want to talk to them? You know, it […]

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What’s Wrong With Religion? | Notes & Critical Review

January 14, 2018


Skye Jethani. What’s Wrong With Religion? 9 Things No One Told You About Faith. Skypilot Media, 2017. (119 pages) NOTES Intro: Religion Is A Game Chapter 1 Everyone Is Religious The idea that all spiritual paths lead to the same destination ignores each religion’s unique teachings, culture, and history. It also misses the shared human struggle […]

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Silence | Reflections & Select Quotes

January 12, 2018


Silence [R] 2016. Wikipedia page. Anthony Lane, New Yorker, “Martin Scorsese’s Strained ‘Silence'”; John Patterson, The Guardian, “Silence: Scorsese’s new film is not worth making a noise about”; Emma Green, The Atlantic, “Martin Scorsese’s Radical Act of Turning Theology Into Art”; Paul Elie, New York Times, “The Passion of Martin Scorsese” REFLECTIONS There are some emotions […]

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TED | Lisa Feldman Barrett: You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions, your brain creates them

January 3, 2018


My research lab sits about a mile from where several bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon in 2013. The surviving bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of Chechnya, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Now, when a jury has to make the decision between life in prison and the death penalty, they base their decision largely on whether or not the defendant feels […]