How Christian Opinion Articles Fall Short, Part Two

December 23, 2019


In my previous post, I suggested that the December 19 @CTmagazine article “rallied our primitive selves, invigorated our already established opinions, and charged us all with the imperative to act.” Yesterday’s published articles are illustrations of how this plays out. While definitely more tempered–as the voice of the President carries slightly more weight than the […]

How Christian Opinion Articles Fall Short

December 22, 2019


The world lacks not of critics from every angle. From the “Too little, too late,” to “Finally!”, the December 19 #ChristianityToday article has rallied our primitive selves, invigorated our already established opinions, and charged us all with the imperative to act. “If you call yourself a Christian…,” then you will either renounce or repost #MarkGalli’s […]

Uncivil Agreement | Reflections & Notes

December 10, 2019


Lilliana Mason. Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity. University of Chicago Press, 2018. (183 pages) REFLECTIONS Allow me to sum up the most important takeaways if we are going to have a civil society: Do not identify with a party. Group identity theory is a powerful force in our psychology that exacerbates irrationality. Choose […]

Divided By Faith | Reflections & Notes

December 3, 2019


Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith. Divided By Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America. Oxford University Press, 2000. (212 pages) REFLECTIONS When I finished this book, the first thought that came to mind was a deep regret for not having read this 10 years ago when I bought it, 20 years ago […]

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Christ and the Powers | Reflections & Notes

November 27, 2019


Hendrik Berkhof, John Howard Yoder [translator]. Christ and the Powers. Herald Press, 1962. Originally published in 1953 under the title Christus en de Machten, by G. F. Callenbach N. V. of Nijkerk, The Netherlands. (79 pages) REFLECTIONS Christ and the Powers was one of the first books that challenged my early mythological assumptions about Christianity. The Platonic […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Keynote Address at ADL’s 2019 Never Is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate | Transcript, Highlights, and Reflections

November 26, 2019


  TRANSCRIPT & HIGHLIGHTS Thank you, Jonathan, for your very kind words. Thank you, ADL, for this recognition and your work in fighting racism, hate and bigotry. And to be clear, when I say “racism, hate and bigotry” I’m not referring to the names of Stephen Miller’s Labradoodles. Now, I realize that some of you […]

Eaarth | Reflections & Notes

November 24, 2019


Bill McKibben. eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2010. (261 pages) REFLECTIONS On page 81, McKibben writes, Global warming, though, is a negotiation between human beings on the one hand and physics and chemistry on the other. Which is a tough negotiation, because physics and chemistry don’t compromise. I’ve had […]

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