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Sexual By Design by Doug Wilson | How To Lose an Audience, And The Gospel At The Same Time

April 11, 2015


In April of 2012, pastor and teacher, Doug Wilson spoke at Indiana University. Watch the entire event: Sexual By Design: Douglas Wilson in Bloomington, IN. Report by The Bloomington Alternative. ClearNote Campus Fellowship website. ClearNote Church website. Christ Church, Moscow, IA website. Review by Decablog. Below are my critical engagements and reflections with the presentation. […]

Author of Life | Notes & Review

October 3, 2014


I had the privilege of meeting Josh and Diane last year at the National Youth Worker’s Convention (2013). Their project The Author of Life has now completed 7 videos designed for educational and small group environments. Their contribution to the conversation is truly a gift, and because I have met them personally, I testify to […]

The Unbelievers | Review

September 9, 2014


The Unbelievers, 2013 [NR] Really, there isn’t much to review. This film is the equivalent of being the proverbial “fly on the wall,” to the “dynamic duo of science,” in their exhaustive travels from one public appearance to another. It’s fun to glimpse a small amount behind the scenes, but content wise, nothing is necessarily […]

God of the Gaps? Yes. | A Critique of Christian Apologetics

May 27, 2014


This video got sent to my inbox today. You can visit the original posting here. Are Christians guilty of arbitrarily suggesting a “God of the gaps” when they argue that God created the universe? Or are atheists guilty of “science of the gaps”? The greatest cause? Brennan Manning is known for the following quote, The […]

“Ham on Nye” #CreationDebate | Notes & Critical Review

February 4, 2014


“Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” Point-by-point Analysis and Commentary: KEN HAM | 5 min. Opening Statement: Ham opens up with this quote from the Richard Dawkins Foundation [RDF]: “Scientists should not debate creationists. Period.” Ham states in response, Right here I believe there is a gross misrepresentation in […]

The Reason For God | Notes & Review

June 13, 2013


Timothy Keller. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Riverhead Books, 2008. (310 pages) Introduction I find your lack of faith — disturbing. – Darth Vader The Enemies Are Both Right. In short, the world is polarizing over religion. (x) The Two Camps. We have come to a cultural moment in which […]

The Son Rises | Notes & Review

February 17, 2013


William Lane Craig. The Son Rises: The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. Wipf and Stock, 1981. (156 pages) Preface The Christian faith is based on the event of the resurrection. It is not based on the evidence for the resurrection. (7) 1. Death and Resurrection Modern man is the Cosmic Orphan because he […]