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Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes | Critical Thoughts & Notes

April 24, 2018


E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien. Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible. InterVarsity Press, 2012. [Logos Edition.] (225 pages) CRITICAL THOUGHTS This is an excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with the basics of interpretation. I appreciate the authors’ study, experience, and their personal admission of their own […]

What’s Wrong With Religion? | Notes & Critical Review

January 14, 2018


Skye Jethani. What’s Wrong With Religion? 9 Things No One Told You About Faith. Skypilot Media, 2017. (119 pages) NOTES Intro: Religion Is A Game Chapter 1 Everyone Is Religious The idea that all spiritual paths lead to the same destination ignores each religion’s unique teachings, culture, and history. It also misses the shared human struggle […]

The Folly Of God | Reflections & Notes

June 13, 2017


John D. Caputo. The Folly Of God: A Theology of the Unconditional. Polebridge Press, 2016. Richard M. Allen of Religious Theory review; CRI article by Hank Hanegraaff; Currents in Catholic Thought review; Derek Rishmawy review. Reflections I have considered–through personal contemplation and communal observation–the concept of “God” to be on retreat in recent years in the […]

The New Testament And The People Of God | Reflections & Notes

May 4, 2017


N.T. Wright. The New Testament And The People of God. Fortress Press, 1992. (535 pages) REFLECTIONS This read and post was most definitely one of my most engaged labors of love in my life of study. I began reading NTPG over 15 years ago, and have just now finished it (cover to cover). No doubt I […]

Honest To God | Notes

April 15, 2017


John Arthur Thomas (A.T.) Robinson. Honest To God. Westminster, SCM Press, 1963. (143 pages) NTWright Page’s Doubts About Doubt; Not Nearly Radical Enough: The Irony of John Robinson’s ‘Honest to God’ by Geoff Thompson; BBC News: When did people stop thinking God lives on a cloud?; NYTimes Obituary; Preface I believe we are being called, over the years ahead, […]

The Divine Magician | Notes & Critical Reflections

January 27, 2017


Peter Rollins. The Divine Magician: The Disappearance of Religion and The Discovery of Faith. Howard Books, 2015. (189 pages) Gladys Ganiel review; Jeremy Jernigan review; The Divine Magician introduction videos on YouTube; The Sanctuary was empty and the Holy of Holies untenanted. — Book VI of The Histories by Tacitus, commenting on the discovery of Gnaeus Pompeius […]

Michelle Higgins: Seeing Past the Color Line in the Bay Area | Notes

November 12, 2016


The following are a few notes from a talk that Michelle gave at the University of AME Zion church in Palo Alto, November 12, 2016 hosted by TBC. You can see her talk here, read her CT article here, and watch her 2015 Urbana talk here. I’m not asking you to come along with me. […]