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Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? | Reflections & Notes

July 13, 2018


J. R. Daniel Kirk. Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?: A Narrative Approach to the Problem of Pauline Christianity. Baker Academic, 2011. (214 pages) REFLECTIONS In these later years of study, ministry, and spirituality, I have become compelled to answer the question, “So what do you believe [about] ‘__’?” by responding with, “Once upon a time.” […]

A Community Called Atonement | Notes

June 15, 2018


Scot McKnight. A Community Called Atonement. Abingdon Press, 2007. (173 pages) Trevin Wax review for The Gospel Coalition; David Fitch review for Missio Alliance. NOTES INTRODUCTION TO LIVING THEOLOGY; Tony Jones PREFACE PROLOGUE Some atonement theories today are “one-club” [golf analogy] theories that have to be adjusted each time one plays “the atonement game.” This is […]

Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes | Critical Thoughts & Notes

April 24, 2018


E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien. Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible. InterVarsity Press, 2012. [Logos Edition.] (225 pages) CRITICAL THOUGHTS This is an excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with the basics of interpretation. I appreciate the authors’ study, experience, and their personal admission of their own […]

Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus | Review & Notes

December 21, 2017


Lois Tverberg. Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding. Baker Books, 2017. (285 pages) REVIEW The third installment of Tverberg’s series (after Sitting and Walking), Reading is similar in tone and approach, and is yet again, another one of my recommendations for those who need an introduction to the Bible through the […]

God Is Disappointed In You | Notes & Highlights

October 24, 2017


Mark Russell and Shannon Wheeler. God is Disappointed In You. Top Shelf Productions, 2013. (223 pages) Below are some of my highlights and underlines. I did not include my notes on where Russell misreads the narrative, of which there are a few. I’ll save that for a book club. I simply wanted to record the parts […]

People To Be Loved | Critical Review

September 13, 2017


Preston Sprinkle. People To Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just An Issue. Zondervan, 2015. (223 pages) Promo video; Missio Alliance review; Andrew Wilson review; Sean McDowell interview; Anne Paulk (TGC) review; CRITICAL REVIEW I picked up People To Be Loved because our local Pastors network hosted a forum featuring Preston Sprinkle with the description, We seek […]

The New Testament And The People Of God | Reflections & Notes

May 4, 2017


N.T. Wright. The New Testament And The People of God. Fortress Press, 1992. (535 pages) REFLECTIONS This read and post was most definitely one of my most engaged labors of love in my life of study. I began reading NTPG over 15 years ago, and have just now finished it (cover to cover). No doubt I […]