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Translation Matters: A Fem/Womanist Exploration of Translation Theory and Practice for Proclamation in Worship

May 26, 2018


This is one of the most profound and insightful papers I’ve read on translation theory, and why it matters. I commend this to anyone who reads any text in any translation, not just the Bible. Below is the text from the original paper, presented at SBL, linked from Gafney’s personal webpage. Translation Matters: A Fem/Womanist […]

Concussion | Review & Lamentation

April 4, 2018


Concussion. [PG-13] 2015. Review & Lamentation I didn’t appreciate this film as much as other documentary representations, perhaps because the Frontline Production, League of Denial is so thorough (also, League of Denial). Concussion focuses specifically on Bennett Omalu’s role in his discovery and publication of CTE, and does a nice job displaying Omaul’s angst over the challenges. My main […]

Youth Ministry’s Pivot in the Faith and Science Conversation | Critical Reflections

July 23, 2017


This article was inboxed to me by a congregant and friend. Out of respect for the people I serve and with whom I share community, I offer below the article in full with my comments in bold and blue, “[via:…].” Youth Ministry’s Pivot in the Faith and Science Conversation Steve Argue, PhD If you’re a youth […]

Dealing With Difficult People | Notes

March 23, 2016


Harvard Business School Press. Dealing With Difficult People. Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2005. (140 pages) NOTES Introduction You can no longer deny it: Difficult people are everywhere,… (1) Part Art, Part Science So where do you begin mastering the crucial managerial talent? You must start by making a distinction between behavior that calls for immediate dismissal […]

The Median Isn’t the Message by Stephen Jay Gould

April 25, 2015


In 1982, I learned I was suffering from a rare and serious cancer. After surgery, I asked my doctor what the best technical literature on the cancer was. She told me, with a touch of diplomacy, that there was nothing really worth reading. I soon realized why she had offered that humane advice: my cancer […]

TED | Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world?

August 25, 2014


Ten years ago, I wrote a book which I entitled “Our Final Century?” Question mark. My publishers cut out the question mark. (Laughter) The American publishers changed our title to “Our Final Hour.” Americans like instant gratification and the reverse. (Laughter) 0:31 And my theme was this: Our Earth has existed for 45 million centuries, […]

Lean In | Notes & Review

January 27, 2014


Sheryl Sandberg. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will To Lead. Alfred A. Knopf, 2013 (228 pages) & Introduction: Internalizing the Revolution It is time for us to face the fact that our revolution has stalled. The promise of equality is not the same as true equality. | A truly equal world would […]