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Take It Home | Notes & Review

March 28, 2009


Mark Holmen and Dave Teixeira. Take It Home: Inspiration and Events to Help Parents Spiritually Transform Their Children. Gospel Light, 2008. (248 pages). NOTES: DVD segment 1: Family Ministry vs. Faith At Home Mark Holmen The home is the primary place where spirituality is to be nurtured. And while “family” ministry is catching on, there […]

Liturgy – The Tension Between Tradition and Innovation

December 27, 2008


Over the holiday weekend our family attended Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Santa Rosa. Having attended a Lutheran Elementary school and church as a child, a twinge of nostalgia welled up inside of me. But coupled with that sense of nostalgia was the sense of missing out on the dramas, the more contemporary styles of music…the […]

Multiethnic Ministry – Race & Reason in the Church, pt.2

July 8, 2008


My first post addressed the Leadership article “Ethnic Blends.” This post, I’d just like to offer a few resources that may be of help for furthering the discussion. As mentioned in the previous post, the complexity of the issue gives me pause for strong opinions. I offer this post as a contribution to the conversation. […]

Multiethnic Ministry – Race & Reason in Church Life, pt.1

July 8, 2008


Leadership Weekly’s subject the week of June 3 was “Developing a Multiethnic Staff.” As an Associate Pastor at a very diverse church (a congregation of around 6000 members, ~50% black, 50% everything else — white, asian, hispanic/latino, pacific islanders, indians, etc.), my interest, and my mind was of course piqued. An article entitled “Ethnic Blends?” […]

The Great Emergence – Phyllis Tickle’s 500-year Rummage Sale

April 27, 2008


If you have not yet seen or heard Phyllis Tickle’s talk from the November 2007 National Youth Worker’s Convention, it’s worth it. Marko has blogged about it here, Terry Mattingly wrote about it here, and you can purchase the DVD or mp3 here. The Out of Ur blog has commented on it, ChuckP3 has some […]

RELEVANT’s Burning Issues: Homosexuality

April 23, 2008


The May_June 2008 edition of Relevant Magazine posted 7 burning issues: Injustice, Homosexuality, Faith, Politics, Culture, Consumerism, and War. HOMOSEXUALITY: How Should We Respond? The range on this question is much more difficult to decipher. I’m also working on a “Surprised at Love Won Out, pt.3” (link not up yet) post in which I will […]

Surprised at Love Won Out – The Church and Homosexuality, pt.1

April 13, 2008


This is part one. Part two can be found here. I attended the Love Won Out conference this Saturday, hosted by Focus on the Family, and I was pleasantly surprised. Their website reads: Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out ministry exhorts and equips the church to respond in a Christ-like way to the issue […]