The Amygdala Song


The Amygdala Song


the amygdala’s a button in my limbic brain
it’s really not complicated, i’ll explain:
if something happens suddenly to do me harm
my amygdala rings like a tiny alarm

if a sabre-tooth tiger’s jumpin’ out at me
in a split second it’ll tell me to fight or flee
it gets my heart rate goin’, my oxygen flowin’
my appetite slowin’ down, my muscles growin’

oh it’s my amygdala!
when i’m scared it keeps me prepared
thank you, my amygdala
you help me thrive, you help me survive!

well, you know how with a button, it can get left on?
my amygdala keeps signalling that something’s wrong
my feelings explode, now they’re running the show
and my brain forgets how to find its flow

amygdala, i have something to say to you:
there is so much more to my brain than just you!
I have a spec-tacular neocortex too
and it’s waiting here just for something to do!

it’s where i think, am wise, am kind
it’s where i can quiet my mind
i need both of your voices so i can make choices
let’s give you a rest so you don’t feel stressed
just breathe with me now and we’ll soon be feeling our best

breathe with me, amygdala!
feeling calm and safe from harm
calming down, amygdala
there’s nothing to fear –
thanks! i can take it from here…

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