Concussion | Review & Lamentation

Concussion. [PG-13] 2015.

Review & Lamentation

I didn’t appreciate this film as much as other documentary representations, perhaps because the Frontline Production, League of Denial is so thorough (also, League of Denial). Concussion focuses specifically on Bennett Omalu’s role in his discovery and publication of CTE, and does a nice job displaying Omaul’s angst over the challenges.

My main reaction to the issue of CTE as portrayed in Concussion and as is documented in League of Denial, is one of lamentation…

  • …that we are a culture who is still obsessed with violence as a form of entertainment,
  • …that we are unwilling to even acknowledge this fact without some sort of tribal chastisement,
  • …that we are willing to commodify other’s sufferings for our enjoyment,
  • …that we are still creatures who suffer from another cognitive impairment, Confirmation Bias,
  • …that there are plenty of other athletic and competitive options that do not have this severe down-side,
  • …that we have caused so much suffering, and perpetuate so much trauma, and that we are willing to do this to ourselves,
  • …that in spite of all this, we still cling to our idols,

As mentioned in the Frontline production, while science can draw lines between activity and consequence, science cannot draw a line between those conclusions and ethical decisions. If you choose to still watch and support the game, even after knowing this, that is your decision.

As for me and my house…

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