Coco | Review

CocoDisney Pixar, 2017 [PG]

They did it. Again. I cried. Again.

  • They wrote a story of deep humanity with the themes of following your inner passion, redeeming generations of brokenness with music (yup, read that again, a la “Eats, shoots and leaves.”), and the importance of family.
    • In psychological speak, PTSD triggers are reframed. One person’s self-differentiation recast the family’s entire emotional system with a redeeming narrative.
  • Their attention to detail on the fingering of the guitar fretboard while the characters were playing was astounding to me.
  • The power of music as a mode of communication that surpasses words was beautifully portrayed.
  • They once again honored the customs, heritage, and practices of a culture.
  • They once again displayed the tasks of adolescence and the struggle of adulting through a compelling narrative.
  • They wove together multiple plot twists I did not see coming. (Don’t worry. No spoilers here.)

Than you, Disney Pixar, for another great story.


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