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Damaged Goods | Critical Comments and Reflections

February 28, 2018


Dianna E. Anderson. Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity. Jericho Books, 2015. (210 pages) There is perhaps no other taboo more revered than that of sex. As a result, permissions and prohibitions both come with significant challenges risking the danger of polarizing extremes. Much like all other aspects of gender, a healthy view of sexual […]

The Inevitable | Reflections & Notes

February 27, 2018


Kevin Kelly. The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future. Viking, 2016. (327 pages) REFLECTIONS The joy of reading Kevin Kelly’s work is not just that you learn about technology, but you also learn about learning itself. His way of processing information, developments, and experiences, illuminates deeper trends and movements that […]

eChurch Summit 2018 | Reflections & Notes

February 16, 2018

0 We love Elevation Church. – Overheard pre-conference conversation. REFLECTIONS In full transparency, I did not attend this conference to attend, to learn, to grow, to personally develop, to learn how to use social media better, or to enhance my leadership. I attended to critique it. Why? Over the past several years, I have been seeking deeper […]

AlphaGo | Reflections and Quotes

February 16, 2018

0 On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea. Reflections In my continual search for understanding, insight, and truth about the universe, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most captivating areas of study and discovery. For those unfamiliar with AI, AlphaGo is a wonderfully moving and dramatic introduction. […]

The 10 Toughest Questions We Get, By Bill and Melinda Gates | Letter & Reflections

February 13, 2018


Our 2018 Annual Letter: The 10 Toughest Questions We Get February 13, 2018 By Bill Gates and Melinda Gates We are outspoken about our optimism. These days, though, optimism seems to be in short supply. The headlines are filled with awful news. Every day brings a different story of political division, violence, or natural disaster [or […]

Command and Control | Reflections & Transcript

February 12, 2018


Command and Control: THE LONG-HIDDEN STORY OF THE DAY OUR LUCK ALMOST RAN OUT. April 25, 2017 REFLECTIONS We quite literally and poetically hold the stars in our hands. There are 15,000 nuclear weapons in existence, globally. If they were all detonated, it would be quite literally the end of life on planet earth, if […]

White People | Reflections

February 4, 2018


MTV’s documentary, White People [2015] by Jose Antonio Vargas. Wikipedia page;; The Trouble With “White People” by Hua Hsu, The New Yorker; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: White People Gets It Right About Being White, Time; White People 101 by Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic. You can read several reviews from the above links that are quite insightful. Below are some aspects worth […]