The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time | Reflections

Posted on July 19, 2017


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With similarities to Next To Normal, (one of my favorite productions of all time), The Curious Incident put on stage the mind of Autism, and drew the audience in to the head space through lights, and actors. It was a thoughtful presentation, though obviously, it falls short of one’s real experience.

The boldness of the play were the themes of murder, divorce, police injustice, and an exposé of humanity’s discompassionate engagement with mental illness. I could not help but think of the hundreds of thousands of Americans with mental disabilities who are incarcerated or dead because they were shot by law enforcement. It grieved me more viscerally watching the play than normal, an emotion for which I was thankful.

Additionally, the love of the father who is tormented by his inability to cope or even reconcile his own emotions was profoundly displayed and beautifully acted. While not intended by the script writers and producers (I presume), I would consider Christopher’s father’s character to be the hopeful prototype of what ought to be society, that we are still uncertain and insecure in our dealings with mental illness, but yet our love of the person drives us to work through all of our shortcomings and inabilities, to embrace those individuals, and thereby discovering a deeper, more profound sense of our own humanity.