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My Exodus | Highlights and Reflections

January 7, 2016


Alan Chambers. My Exodus: From FEAR to GRACE. Zondervan, 2015. (222 pages) When the men [in John 8:1f.] chose not to condemn–because they were unable to when faced with their own humanity–they walked away and left the woman alone with Jesus. (16) There’s freedom in not having to define him based on who he is […]

Ex Machina | Reflections

January 5, 2016


Ex Machina. [R] (2015) The prospect of AI reaching the level of passing the Turing Test is intriguing in and of itself, a scientific inquiry that titillates the geek in all of us. But what I believe to be the brilliance of this film is not the test of a machine, but the test of […]