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TED | Benedetta Berti: The surprising way groups like ISIS stay in power

November 19, 2015


For the past decade, I’ve been studying non-state armed groups: armed organizations like terrorists, insurgents or militias. I document what these groups do when they’re not shooting. My goal is to better understand these violent actors and to study ways to encourage transition from violent engagement to nonviolent confrontation. I work in the field, in […]

TED | Nancy Lublin: The heartbreaking text that inspired a crisis help line

November 2, 2015


A girl I’ve never met before changed my life and the life of thousands of other people. I’m the CEO of It’s one of the largest organizations in the world for young people. In fact it’s bigger than the Boy Scouts in the United States. And we’re not homophobic. 00:30 (Laughter) 00:33 And it’s […]