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Being Mortal | Notes & Review

April 26, 2015


Atul Gawande. Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. Metropolitan Books, 2014. (282 pages) PBS Special. UPDATE: California just passed AB-15 End of Life, (See article). Introduction It is enough to make you wonder, who are the primitive ones. (6) MODERN SCIENTIFIC CAPABILITY has profoundly altered the course of human life. People […]

The Median Isn’t the Message by Stephen Jay Gould

April 25, 2015


In 1982, I learned I was suffering from a rare and serious cancer. After surgery, I asked my doctor what the best technical literature on the cancer was. She told me, with a touch of diplomacy, that there was nothing really worth reading. I soon realized why she had offered that humane advice: my cancer […]

TED | Clint Smith: How to raise a black son in America

April 23, 2015


0:11 Growing up, I didn’t always understand why my parents made me follow the rules that they did. Like, why did I really have to mow the lawn? Why was homework really that important? Why couldn’t I put jelly beans in my oatmeal? 0:26 My childhood was abound with questions like this. Normal things about […]

TED | Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now

April 22, 2015


0:11 To be honest, by personality, I’m just not much of a crier. But I think in my career that’s been a good thing. I’m a civil rights lawyer, and I’ve seen some horrible things in the world. I began my career working police abuse cases in the United States. And then in 1994, I […]

TED | Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny?

April 19, 2015


0:11 I want you to imagine two couples in the middle of 1979 on the exact same day, at the exact same moment, each conceiving a baby — okay? So two couples each conceiving one baby. Now I don’t want you to spend too much time imagining the conception, because if you spend all that […]

How To Read The Bible | Notes & Review

April 16, 2015


Harvey Cox. How To Read The Bible. HarperOne, 2015. (257 pages)   HarperCollins page; Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service; Introduction I think my personal history with the Bible as unfolding in three stages THE NARRATIVE STAGE THE HISTORICAL STAGE THE SPIRITUAL STAGE …what I learned in the jail cell is that the Bible is something […]

Sexual By Design by Doug Wilson | How To Lose an Audience, And The Gospel At The Same Time

April 11, 2015


In April of 2012, pastor and teacher, Doug Wilson spoke at Indiana University. Watch the entire event: Sexual By Design: Douglas Wilson in Bloomington, IN. Report by The Bloomington Alternative. ClearNote Campus Fellowship website. ClearNote Church website. Christ Church, Moscow, IA website. Review by Decablog. Below are my critical engagements and reflections with the presentation. […]