Remember Everything You Read | Notes & Reflections

Stanley D. Frank. Remember Everything You Read: The Evelyn Wood 7 Day Speed Reading and Learning Program. American Learning Corporation, 1990. (212 pages)

remember everything you read, evelyn wood 7 day speed reading

Reviews: Good Reads.

1. Mental Soaring: The Secret to Success

  • Be sure that you’re now reading in a comfortable environment.
  • As you read, pace yourself by moving a finger across the page, line by line.
  • Don’t regress as you read.
  • Try to take in groups of words as you read, rather than looking at each word individually. (18)

2. The First Step Toward Mental Soaring: “Subsonic” Reading

Mental Soaring–the term I use for the high-speed, super-efficient assimilation and organization of printed materials (19)


  1. The maximum speed for subvocal linear reading is about 800-900 words per minute.
  2. Subvocal linear reading can best be used for poetry, dense textbook material, double-checking, jokes, and dialogue.
  3. These are the basics of all efficient reading:
    1. Be sure you can see the page.
    2. Select a quiet, comfortable environment.
    3. Break in your book.
    4. Become an active page-turner.
    5. For the best subvocal linear reading, use the underlining hand motion.
    6. Don’t regress as you read.

3. Mapping Out Your Academic Flight Plan


  1. Set a purpose for your reading.
  2. Choose and attractive study space.
  3. Establish a term or quarterly study schedule.
  4. Set up a weekly study schedule.
  5. Observe the forty-minute formula and the two-week rule.
  6. Follow the relaxed study rhythm rule.
  7. Understand the five-day technique for writing short papers.
  8. Know the tips for the final two weeks before exams.

4. The Takeoff for Rocket-Powered Reading and Learning

The Foundations of Layered Reading

Principle 1: You must learn to see and accept words and phrases out of their normal expectancy order.

…your mind, in taking in information, isn’t limited to the order in which words and concepts are arranged on the printed page. You’ll find that the author’s logic, the literary style and other features of the text come across quite clearly. (69)

Principle 2: Accept visual, as opposed to auditory, reassurance as you read.

Principle 3: You must learn to read vertically.

Principle 4: Understand the gestalt of what you read. “Gestalt” is a German word meaning the shape, form or basic structure of a thing. (73)

Layering, or the Multiple Reading Process, involves five steps: 1. overview; 2. preview; 3. read; 4. postview; and 5. review.

5. How to Fly with Your Hands


  1. Hand motions help you read faster, enhance concentration and discourage regression.
  2. Some possible hand motions include underlining, the S, the question mark, the X, the L, the loop, the horseshoe, the U, the brush, and the half-moon.

6. Preparing Your Own “Mental Computer Printout”


  1. A recall pattern is the most effective and memorable way to take notes.
  2. Possible recall patterns include the slash, linear, radial, pictorial and random.

7. The Secret of Merging with Your Instructor’s Mind


  1. Use a slash recall pattern for lecture notes.
  2. Take one page of recall pattern notes for every hour of lecturing.
  3. Listen to understand, not to record notes.
  4. Indicate links between ideas and concepts on your recall pattern.
  5. Record only main ideas, key words and essential data.
  6. Rework the speaker’s organization into a more logical format.
  7. Review your recall pattern immediately after the lecture.
  8. Schedule a study session as soon as possible after the lecture.
  9. Review your recall patterns regularly throughout the term.

8. Supersonic Writing


  1. Establish a point of view.
  2. Identify specific research materials.
  3. Compile all your information.
  4. Reorganize the information into one master recall pattern.
  5. Write the first draft.
  6. Prepare the final draft.

9. How Fast Can You Go?

  1. Reading speeds higher than about 1,00 words per minute can be achieved only with a visual-vertical approach.
  2. The overview and postview are essential prerequisites to achieve top reading speeds.
  3. Practice with push-down, push-up and power drills is necessary for reaching the highest speeds and rates of comprehension.

10. The Thrill of the Final Test Flight: Using Your New Sills to Ace the Exam


  1. Avoid cramming at all costs.
  2. Manage pre-exam anxiety.
  3. Operate at the test site as you have when studying.
  4. Overview the test.
  5. Read all instructions closely.
  6. Select appropriate techniques for each of the different types of tests: true/false, multiple choice, matching, direct answer or completion, and essay.

11. Shooting For the Stars

Dr. Stanley Frank
Encyclopaedia Britannica
310 So. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60604


There’s a part of me that is still quite skeptical, especially after reading some critical articles like The Straight Dope, The Harvard Crimson, and The Atlantic. However, I did double my reading speed after reading the first couple chapters, and there is merit to the mere discipline of attention. And if I’m honest, there’s more romance involved in getting through more books in less time than there is value placed upon causing the content of those books to be truly ingested into one’s soul. In addition, what is not discussed is the longevity of said comprehension, and what effect these techniques have on intelligence, or smartness, or are they just simply sharpening a skill for short-term “academic” or “educational” purposes?

I’ll continue to press forward, with caution. As the teacher has taught,

עשות ספרים הרבה אין קץ ולהג הרבה יגעת בשר


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