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The Great Partnership | Notes & Review

December 29, 2014


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. The Great Partnership: Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning. Schocken, 2011. (369 pages) Reviews: Ian Marcus Corbin, Wall Street Journal; Richard Holloway, The Guardian; Ziauddin Sardar, Independent; Wallace Greene, Jewish Book Council; Introduction  Debates about religion and science…usually testify to some major crisis in society. (1) [via: I opine that is because […]

TED | Erin McKean: Go ahead, make up new words!

December 23, 2014


I’m a lexicographer. I make dictionaries. And my job as a lexicographer is to try to put all the words possible into the dictionary. My job is not to decide what a word is; that is your job. 0:25 Everybody who speaks English decides together what’s a word and what’s not a word. Every language is just a group of people […]

God Believes In Love | Notes & Review

December 19, 2014


Gene Robinson. God Believes In Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage. Vintage Books, 2012. (196 pages) Boston Globe, Michael Paulson, The Daily Beast, David Sessions, Greta Christina, NPR, The Thinking Theologian, Kirkus, First Things, Dennis Di Mauro, Rick Kleffel, Introduction [via: Reference to the Stonewall riots.] Marriage calls us to be our best selves, for each other. […]

TED | Pico Iyer: The art of stillness

December 2, 2014


I’m a lifelong traveler. Even as a little kid, I was actually working out that it would be cheaper to go to boarding school in England than just to the best school down the road from my parents’ house in California. So, from the time I was nine years old I was flying alone several times a yearover the North Pole, […]