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Her | Reflections

August 29, 2014


Her. 2013 [R] “Are these feelings really real, or are they just programming?” For the sensible, this movie may prove disturbing. For the sociologist, technologist, and humanist, Her is intriguing, inspiring, captivating, insightful, and touching. The discussion of human and robot/AI relationships is not new, and is reflected in several works, of which Love + Sex […]

What is Organizational Communication?

August 28, 2014


By Matt Koschmann Department of Communication University of Colorado Boulder ©2012 So what is organizational communication? And what are we doing when we study organizational communication? I want to try and answer these questions from two different perspectives. First, we can talk about organizational communication as the communication that happens within organizations. That is, all […]

TED | Meera Vijayann: Find your voice against gender violence

August 27, 2014


Talking about empowerment is odd, because when we talk about empowerment, what affects us most are the stories. So I want to begin with an everyday story. What is it really like to be a young woman in India? 0:27 Now, I’ve spent the last 27 years of my life in India, lived in three […]

TED | Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world?

August 25, 2014


Ten years ago, I wrote a book which I entitled “Our Final Century?” Question mark. My publishers cut out the question mark. (Laughter) The American publishers changed our title to “Our Final Hour.” Americans like instant gratification and the reverse. (Laughter) 0:31 And my theme was this: Our Earth has existed for 45 million centuries, […]

2014 Global Leadership Summit | Notes & Reflections

August 14, 2014


[Live blogging notes. Forgive the typos, mistakes, and omissions. Corrections and addendums are welcome.] Thursday, August 14, 2014 Session 1 – Bill Hybels: Opening Session – Hard Fought Leadership Lessons True or false? All leadership is intensely spiritual. Often the leaders with the highest level of vision and passion have the lowest awareness of the […]