GLS | Patrick Lencioni: How To Lose Your Best People

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When you’re a leader, you’re a CRO – Chief Reminder Officer. People need to be reminded more than they need to be told.

The reason why this is my favorite book and favorite subject, is because it’s nearest to my heart and it helped me start my career.

It’s not about getting a good job or bad job, but getting a job that is fulfilling or miserable.

Three things that cause job misery. ANONYMITY, IRRELEVANCE, IMMEASUREMENT.

ANONYMITY: Good people don’t leave jobs where they’re known… [VIA: And “knowing” is equal to “loving.”] If we don’t stop and get to know people, you might as well take money out of your pocket and throw it into the fire.

So, why don’t we do this? We’re embarrassed because we haven’t done this before.

What was more important. That first $500 bonus or that first email from your boss that asked how your family was doing?

IRRELEVANCE: If you don’t think your job makes a difference, you cannot love your work.

IMMEASUREMENT: When people leave a job of obvious relevance (pastor, firefighter, etc.) it’s devastating. People need to have some way of seeing that they’re succeeding.

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