Machine Gun Preacher | Review

Posted on November 14, 2012


Christan Post article.
Urban Christian News article.
Christianity Today article.
Shekinah Fellowship Church.

As with many films that are “based on a true story,” there are augmentations and omissions, several of which you can read about in the linked articles above.

Regardless, what this film, as well as the articles, accomplish is communicating the complexity of both humanity, and humanitarianism. Childers life, work, ministry are wrought with complexity, and, given the nature of his personality and lifestyle, complexity on the “extremes.”

Perhaps the thing that strikes me, as with many of these “religiously” intonated stories, is the kind of Christianity, salvation, and Jesus that is invoked in the conversions. I am challenged, once again, to rethink Christianity, God, and religion in its most narrowest of terms. I am persuaded that — though clichĂ© — God really does work in mysterious ways, and I’m neither a threat nor critic of God in that regard. My prayers are with Childers, his family, ministry, and work, and “God only knows” the truth in the drama.

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