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TED | Beau Lotto + Amy O’Toole: Science is for everyone, kids included

October 20, 2012


Beau Lotto: So, this game is very simple. All you have to do is read what you see. Right? So, I’m going to count to you, so we don’t all do it together. Okay, one, two, three. Audience: Can you read this? BL: Amazing. What about this one? One, two, three. Audience: You are not […]

Peanuts, Beer and Letting Go | Notes & Review

October 18, 2012

0 The implications of “The Hidden Medium” for preaching. The homily during the Middle Ages was in Latin. Most people spoke the vernacular, but Latin was the scholarly language. A Latin homily was not something to get new insights. You listened to the sounds, almost like music. With the invention of the Printing Press, everything […]

The Hidden Power | Notes & Review

October 17, 2012

1 (all quotes below are from Marshall McLuhan unless otherwise noted.) Christianity is fundamentally a communication event. Have you ever heard: The METHODS change but the MESSAGE stays the same? I need to take a wrecking ball to that assumption. Because, in fact, the MEDIUM is the MESSAGE. Our conventional response to all media, namely […]

Ten Reasons People Resist Change

October 4, 2012


Ten Reasons People Resist Change by Rosabeth Moss Kanter  |  12:00 PM September 25, 2012 Leadership is about change, but what is a leader to do when faced with ubiquitous resistance? Resistance to change manifests itself in many ways, from foot-dragging and inertia to petty sabotage to outright rebellions. The best tool for leaders of change is […]