Global Leadership Summit | Marc Kielburger – Against Apathy

(live blogging notes)

— Interview with Christine Caine —

The number one reason girls don’t go to school in Africa is because they have to get water for their village.

How did you make a decision to go down a path from the traditional career success route? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

How do you keep passion and zeal? Do this in a way that is tangible. We don’t sell anything tangible. We sell “hope.” But how do you do that? Listen, build community, build meaning, build gratitude, etc.

Why did you decide to co-lead? Two leaders are better than one. You can create a two-headed monster if you do it properly. We are successful because we do two things: communication and alignment. Organizations fail to scale because they fail to communicate by a factor of 10.

How do you keep innovating? We push the envelope.

How do you ensure it’s not just one day? We track everything. I love spreadsheets.

Do you really believe kids can make a difference? I really really really believe kids can make a difference. A Gift + Issue = BETTER WORLD.

Look for young people that have empathy. “Communicated empathy creates compassion.” Show, not tell. Action, action, and action. Shameless idealism.

There are 1 billion young people. 9 out of 10 live in developed countries. This generation can actually end poverty.

We can’t all do great things, but we can do all things with great love. – Mother Teresa

“We are the generation that we’ve been waiting for.”

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