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Launch | Notes & Review

July 30, 2012


Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas. Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch. Regal, 2006. (223 pages), Introduction Your call to start a church is the most critical factor to the church’s success. Don’t be afraid to raise funds from other churches. Build your church from the outside in. Don’t start with small groups […]

A Leader’s Legacy | Notes

July 27, 2012


Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner. A Leader’s Legacy. Wiley, 2006. (202 pages) Introduction …leadership is everyone’s business. (3) None of us are the sole inhabitants of our organizations or our communities — we do not live alone. …The legacy perspective explicitly reveals that we make a difference. Then the only question remaining to consider is, […]

Love Works | Notes & Review

July 22, 2012


Joel Manby. Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders. Zondervan, 2012. (195 pages) 1. A Hard Day’s Night LEADING WITH LOVE. Inside I longed for a better way — a way to unite who I was as a business leader with who I was as a person. I wanted to care about the people […]

Project Oxygen | Google’s 8-point Plan to Help Managers Improve

July 22, 2012

1 Eight Good Behaviors 1. Be a good coach Provide specific, constructive feedback, balancing the negative and the positive. Have regular one-on-ones, presenting solutions to problems tailored to your employees’ specific strengths. 2. Empower your team and don’t micromanage Balance giving freedom to your employees, while still being available for advice. Make “stretch” assignments to […]

Inspiration and Incarnation | Notes & Review

July 22, 2012


Peter Enns. Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament. Baker Academic, 2005. (197 pages) Preface The aim of this book is not novelty but synthesis. My focus is twofold: (1) to bring together a variety of data that biblical scholars work with every day for readers who do not have firsthand […]

TED | Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach

July 21, 2012

0, This may sound strange, but I’m a big fan of the concrete block. The first concrete blocks were manufactured in 1868 with a very simple idea: modules made of cement of a fixed measurement that fit together. Very quickly concrete blocks became the most-used construction unit in the world. They enabled us to […]

BASIC Series | Notes & Review

July 14, 2012

1 Overall, I am very blessed and thankful for Francis, his ministry, and his work. The Flannel people have created something quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and the message, which is most important, is both verbal and visual, the interlocking partnership of word and image that few have captivated well in the Christian world. At […]