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Christianity After Religion | Notes & Review

June 30, 2012


Diana Butler Bass. Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening. HarperOne, 2012. (294 pages) Part I: The End of Religion The Beginning Strange as it may seem in this time of cultural anxiety, economic near collapse, terrorist fear, political violence, environmental crisis, and partisan anger, I believe […]

From The Dust | Notes & Review

June 26, 2012

0 The question of where we come from is a mystery man has explored throughout human history. As Charles Darwin composed his theory of natural selection, he began defining for the modern generation a suitable, if altogether scientific answer for the origin of man. While this theory has gone largely unchallenged scientifically for the past […]

TED | Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species?

June 26, 2012


All right. So, like all good stories, this starts a long, long time ago when there was basically nothing. So here is a complete picture of the universe about 14-odd billion years ago. All energy is concentrated into a single point of energy. For some reason it explodes, and you begin to get these things. […]

The Prodigal God | Notes

June 26, 2012


Timothy Keller. The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith. Riverhead Books, 2008. (155 pages) Introduction …one of the signs that you may not grasp the unique, radical nature of the gospel is that you are certain that you do. (xiii) I believe, however, that if the teaching of Jesus is likened to […]

Masada | Notes

June 11, 2012


Yigael Yadin. Masada: Herod’s Fortress and the Zealots’ Last Stand. ┬áSteimatzky Ltd., 1997. (272 pages) 1 The challenge * Western drop to the Dead sea is more than 1,300 feet. * 66 AD, the Jewish revolt flared up into a full-scale country-wide war. * 70 AD, the Roman general Titus conquered Jerusalem, sacked the city, […]

Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By New Church Starts | Notes

June 4, 2012


Jim Griffith & Bill Easum. Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By New Church Starts. Chalice Press, 2008. (122 pages) 1 Neglecting the Great Commandment in Pursuit of the Great Commission Church planting is a spiritual enterprise that can only be effectively accomplished by deeply spiritual people. …Their goal is not to get people to come […]