Being Elmo | Notes & Review

Posted on February 29, 2012


There were two specific sentiments that I was drawn to in this well done documentary.


“This is too deep. It’s sort of like religion. It’s like another being, it’s like something deep inside of you.” – Kermit the Frog when asked about the role that Jim Henson plays in his life.

When the puppet is true, and good, and meaningful, it’s the soul of the puppeteer that you’re seeing.

I find resonances to “Christ in you” and “the image of God” found in this quote. There always seems to be these beautiful illustrations and analogies found in the brilliance of everyday life, and in the endeavors and dreams of people. Theology, in this regard, is not so much a study of the divine or a system of understanding, but rather an observation about what is reflected and exemplified in humanity that is beyond mere materialism. Spirituality is no longer esoteric, but deeply visceral. Life, being lived, is like another being that is living deep inside of you.


I’ve created puppets ever since I was 10 years old. But there’s nothing like creating a human being. That’s amazing! I tell you, every single day I think about how amazing it is. It just blows me away. And I think that’s why I became a puppeteer, too, just observing the human spirit. There’s nothing like it. – Kevin Clash

And here is the exemplification of all our pursuits, in life, in leadership, and in love. To observe the human spirit, and to see your vocation as a partnership with God in creating the life of humanity through your work.

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