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The Human Experience | Notes & Review

January 31, 2012

0 Grassroots Films, 2007 [PG-13] EXPERIENCE I: HOMELESS ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK Find those things that make us human. It’s not the nature of life to be despairing. The nature of life is to be hopeful. Life is other people. It’s just that simple. If you view the other as a unique […]

The 1% Better | Technology & Progress

January 29, 2012


In his book What Technology Wants Kevin Kelly makes an argument that Technology is producing “Deep Progress.” Here is an excerpt from my notes and review: — But the steady stream of good things is relentless as well. …I think there is evidence that on average and over time, the new solutions outweigh the new […]

Leadership Gold | Notes & Review

January 29, 2012


John Maxwell. Leadership Gold: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading. Thomas Nelson, 2008. (256) Searching for Gold …everything rises and falls on leadership. (vii) …please understand that… 1. I’m still learning about leadership. 2. Many people have contributed to the leadership gold in this book. 3. What I’m teaching can be learned by […]

TED | Salman Khan – Lets Use Video To Reinvent Education

January 28, 2012


Home: Twitter: @khanacademy The Khan Academy is most known for its collection of videos, so before I go any further, let me show you a little bit of a montage. SK: We now have on the order of 2,200 videos covering everything from basic arithmetic all the way to vector calculus and some of […]

Leading At The Edge | Notes & Review

January 23, 2012


Dennis N.T. Perkins. Leading at the Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition. AMACOM, 2000. (268 pages) This path has led me to believe that the essence of leadership can be found in this ultimate crucible of human endeavor. I am convinced that by understanding the things that work when survival […]

TED | Alain deBotton: Atheism 2.0 – Notes & Review

January 22, 2012


One of the most fascinating talks on religion and secularism, a programme of bringing both forward. My notes and review below. — NOTES — I would like to inaugurate a new way of being an atheist. PREMISE: Of course, there is no God. Of course, there are no deities or supernatural spirits or angels, etc. […]

God And Sex | Notes & Review

January 16, 2012


Michael Coogan. God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says. Twelve, 2010. (237 pages) — VIA — Full disclosure: I did not actually finish “reading” the book (a term I use to communicate that I have actually digested a book’s full content). Coogan does in this book what any author of a short survey of […]