Our Time | Review

Short snippets of a random selection of young people does not a documentary make. I’m always thankful to be educated and exposed to various aspects of life and culture. And to a certain degree, this film accomplishes that. Some stories prompted me to feel proud and excited about the future. Others, a bit fearful. However, I do not concur that this was “fascinating,” “revealing,” or even “inspiring,” and overall, it seems to have missed the main thrust of the mission statement, which reads,

The Young Americans Project seeks to provide a voice for our generation. America wants to know who its young citizens are, what they desire, and how they will shape our nation’s future.  There are many questions that need answers. How will unlimited and readily available information change the way we view the world? Are we plagued by a sense of entitlement? Do we have the desire and tools to lead America into the future? Who are the innovators, the leaders, the role players? Where is the idealism? How will we respond to the globalization that has brought terrorism and unprecedented competition to our doorsteps?

While allusions to these themes were in the dialogue, none of them were addressed or even considered as a platform for discussion.

Our Time does help an isolated individual become exposed to the varieties of American expression, and that is something we could all benefit from. However, from a youth standpoint, much is left to be desired. No in-depth discussion, no studies, no sociological commentary, etc. Just random young people sharing their random thoughts. I commend the project’s aims. I’m disappointed with the projects results.


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