The Help | Review

My favorite movies of this genre are based on true stories (“Remember the Titans,” “Malcom X” and “Amistad” come to mind). However, I will add this film to my list of recommendations for it really is a wonderfully depicted story of the hardships during the Civil Rights era through “a lens less viewed”. While watching, I became curious if the catty and obnoxious white women portrayed were overly dramatized, however, I heard that this film was controversial for actually being the opposite; that the white population was portrayed as being too nice — not more realistically mean and oppressive.

I will refrain from making any commentary on the truth of the matter since I was born after this era, and I’m not black, and I will simply trust the filmmaker’s ethics in production. I will say, regardless, the perspectives in this film, and more so, especially the experiences of friends of mine even in today’s society ought to be reckoned with, with full compassionate empathy, to listen well, and to enter in to the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters. And in light of another movie coming out, To Be Heard, may their stories and lives be honored by having a compassionate audience in our emerging generations. Even, if it begins with a whisper.

For those who have never known a life of oppression, racism, prejudice, and injustice, do not consider yourselves lucky or blessed. Consider yourselves responsible. Not responsible in the sense of “guilty” per se, but responsible in the sense of human prerogative and obligation to make the “ought” of human equality a “reality” of the human experience for all. Consider your lives as stored up currency waiting to be spent on the human victims of this world’s injustices. You did not earn your prominence of place in the world. You were given it as stewardship.

Now, go leverage your life for love. Now.

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  1. sarah hoffman

    love it. i was impressed at how i could feel the oppression of fear of violence without the movie showing any actual violence, or at least very little. i think it is a tactful and powerful movie. great thoughts on “leveraging your life for love.” take care.

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