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Understanding Genesis | Notes & Review

September 30, 2011


Nahum Sarna. Understanding Genesis: The World of the Bible in the Light of History. Schocken Books, 1966. Introduction …the very concept of a Canon of Scripture, of a fixed corpus of sacred books, implies a long process of selection and rejection from among a host of candidates. (xvii) Until the Hellenization of the East, it […]

The Help | Review

September 18, 2011

1 My favorite movies of this genre are based on true stories (“Remember the Titans,” “Malcom X” and “Amistad” come to mind). However, I will add this film to my list of recommendations for it really is a wonderfully depicted story of the hardships during the Civil Rights era through “a lens less viewed”. While […]

The Effective Executive | Notes & Review

September 17, 2011


Peter Drucker. The Effective Executive. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007. (167 pages) Forward by Jim Collins …replace the quest for success with the quest for contribution. The critical question is not, ‘How can you achieve?’ but ‘What can you contribute?’ (x) Drucker’s own contribution was not a single idea, but rather an entire body of work that has […]

Open Letter to New Testament Students

September 15, 2011


J. R. Daniel Kirk has written an open letter to students of the New Testament. I thought it well done and important, and in some ways, according to the comments, enlightening to the kinds of assumptions and attitudes that people have towards seminary, higher education, and Biblical studies. It is duplicated below with my underlines […]

Why We Believe in god(s) | Review

September 15, 2011


Andy Thomson’s talk, ‘Why We Believe in Gods,’ given at the American Atheist 2009 convention in Atlanta, Georgia: — VIA — The discussion of science and religion continues to the arenas of neurobiology. I appreciate Thomson’s work, his careful attention to the studies, and the references to good scientific work. I consider this to be […]

Deep Church | Notes & Review

September 5, 2011


Jim Belcher. Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional. IVP, 2009. (233 pages) This book is written for those who are caught in between [emergent & traditional]. They are unhappy with the present state of the evangelical church but are not sure where to turn for an answer. (13) …this book is written […]

TED | Philip Zimbardo: The Heroic Imagination Project

September 4, 2011


At HIP, we believe everyone has the potential to transform the private virtue of compassion into the civic virtue of heroic action, and we are dedicated to helping individuals internalize and express their ‘heroic imagination’ in service to humanity. Phil Zimbardo and the Heroic Imagination Project: TED Blog exclusive video. My new mission in life […]