Fall From Grace | Notes & Review


Baltimore Sun (12/4/2007)
The Hollywood Reporter (12/3/2007)
Kansas City Star Review (9/14/2007)
Variety Review (6/26/2007)
Director, K. Ryan Jones named Emerging Artist of 2007 by Kansas City Star (4/29/2007)
eFilmCritic Review
Lawrence Journal-World: “Southern audiences react to KU filmmaker’s ‘Fall from Grace'” (3/16/2007)
Austin Chronicle Review (3/16/2007)
Cinematical Review (3/13/2007)
Austin Chronicle: “Looking More Closely When Others Look Away (3/9/2007)
Lawrence Journal-World online chat with filmmaker, K. Ryan Jones (2/15/2007)
University of Kansas News (2/6/2007)
KSNT Topeka News segment (11/28/2006)
Topeka Capital Journal (11/27/2006) (PDF)
Lawrence.com (11/24/2006)

— VIA —

As hard as it was to view this film, it is always beneficial to be challenged and stretched, even if it is with some of the most disturbing material around.

I appreciated Ryan Jones’ absence of commentary. The film is, in this way, truly a pure documentary. We only hear the producer’s voice in asking questions. It is in this format that we are immersed simply in the conversation. I don’t know what ended up on the cutting room floor, but I was captured by the equity Jones gave to the various aspects of this phenomenon.

You will also hear from two of the 13 children of Fred Phelps, a perspective that gives quite a bit of humanity to the situation. I appreciated their sharing and was struck by the absence of vitriol in their tone and content. It was hope that redemption truly can happen from the most distraught and disturbing places.

Finally, I can’t help but think of Henry Cloud’s talk from the Leadership Summit this year. While most extreme, this may be an example of how to deal with the Phelps family as they seem to be somewhere between the “Foolish” and the “Evil.”

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