Leadership Summit 2011 | Cory Booker – Stand Up

Posted on August 11, 2011


“Stand in Newark and you see and feel the dynamic change, the power and potential, you see that the future of America is happening here.”

— live notes —

My father tells stories about what it means to stand up for something.

You will always face in life, adversaries, that want to hate you, and stand in the way of your interests. Regardless of the storm, you need to be willing to stand. You must understand, that you are born as a miraculous result of a grand conspiracy of love. You drink from wells of freedom and opportunity that you did not dig. And you have a choice. Will you grow drunk on the wine of other people, or will you move forward?

Stubborn love.

The world you see outside of you will always be a reflection of what is inside of you. If you see only despair, you will not be able to help. But if you see opportunity, and hope, then you can help.

The only way to make change in the world, is to start with one’s self. If it is to be, it starts with me. It’s about your life being lived so loudly, I can’t even hear what you’re trying to say.

Everyday that we live, we have the choice to leave things as they are, or to make the most of the opportunity to transform reality.

Astrologists tell us that some of the stars we see died out years ago, but we can still see their light.


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