Leadership Summit 2011 | Brenda Salter McNeil – Courageous Leadership for Catalytic Times

Posted on August 11, 2011


“This generation is multi-racial, global, and relational – we must understand and respect this if we are going to reach them with the gospel.”

— live notes —

A “catalytic event/moment” is a “game changer.”

Who could have expected that these young leaders could have created a revolution (Tunisa, Egypt, etc.). They are developing a global population and community more than previous generations.

Acts 1:8

We must start with “Jerusalem.” This is the place where people are just like us, we are culturally alike. We all have a Jerusalem. It’s here in Jerusalem that we have to face our own bigotry and prejudice. Here is where we take on the risk of talking to our own family. We take the risk of talking about the policies and practices even in our own church.

Next is “Judea.” The place that’s close to home, but not quite home. The ways of Judea are somewhat familiar, but there are cultural differences, the subcultures that exist between different political parties, denominational groups, able-bodied and different bodied, young and old.

Next is “Samaria.” These are people that we “drive by” and “lock my door.” These are people we are in contention with, people we are fearful of. Garbage communities, jailed people, child soldiers, sex traffickers, corporate greed, environmental injustice, … Samaria means moving outward and experiencing the uncomfortableness of “the other.”

Finally it’s “the ends of the earth.

It’s time to interpret the differences, not through the eyes of fear, but through the eyes of faith. Maybe God is doing this, so that there is partnership.

Are you ready to break through your sound barrier?

  1. Pray for a divine mandate. Catalytic events are not things we can conjure up.
  2. Name your catalytic event.
  3. Mobilize people to go.