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Evangelicals Without Blowhard

July 31, 2011


Brilliant, on so many levels. The entire article is copied below. July 30, 2011 Evangelicals Without Blowhards By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF IN these polarized times, few words conjure as much distaste in liberal circles as “evangelical Christian.” That’s partly because evangelicals came to be associated over the last 25 years with blowhard scolds. When the […]

Divided | Notes & Review

July 15, 2011

1 [vimeo link] Divided is a very well produced independent film that communicates a critical message to the faith community (and to the secular community as well, really), that families truly are the most effective means through which children and young adults are raised (discipled). However, that really important message is so deeply clouded in […]

Understanding Biblical Kingdoms & Empires | Notes & Review

July 4, 2011


Paul H. Wright. Understanding Biblical Kingdoms & Empires: An Introductory Atlas & Comparative View. Carta, 2010. (40 pages) On the Edge of Empire in a Land Between …the overall pattern in the historical record of the peoples of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean Basin portrays the Levant as a frontier of Empire: a bridge […]