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100 Greatest Non-Fiction Books

June 19, 2011


The 100 greatest non-fiction books After keen debate at the Guardian’s books desk, this is our list of the very best factual writing, organised by category, and then by date. The greatest non-fiction books live here … the British Museum Reading Room. Art The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes (1980) Hughes charts the […]

Reflections on Commencement

June 11, 2011


Today, it was conferred upon me and my fellow students a Master’s Degree. I have admitted that my personal journey through seminary has been tainted by a begrudging attitude and my feelings are more of relief than they are of celebration. However, after 7 years of continuous movement and investment in a particular direction–by myself, […]

The Truth About Leadership | Notes & Review

June 7, 2011


James Kouzes and Barry Posner. The Truth About Leadership. Jossey-Bass, 2010. (197 pages) Introduction: What Everyone Wants to Know About Leadership Age made no difference. (xvi) In the middle of responding to an audience question one of us was saying, “I don’t know what you call something that’s been the same for twenty-five years, but…,” […]

The God Who Wasn’t There | Notes & Review

June 4, 2011

0 NR, 2005 Writing notes and a review for this film is somewhat,…uh,…paralyzing and, well, a bit insipid. So, I guess I won’t. If you want to read a review, see the Full Review by “Answering Infidels”, and the┬áChristianity Today interview. In addition, Ben Witherington’s review of The Jesus Puzzle, and Taking the Jesus Puzzle […]

Leading the Revolution | Notes & Review

June 4, 2011


Gary Hamel. Leading the Revolution. Harvard Business School, 2000. (331 pages) PREFACE …the most successful companies weren’t obsessed with their competitors; instead they were following the polestar of some truly noble aspiration. What counted was not so much how they positioned themselves against long-standing rivals, but how creatively they used their core competencies to create […]