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To Die In Jerusalem | Notes & Review

March 28, 2011

1 To Die in Jerusalem follows Avigail Levy–Rachel’s mother–in her search for answers and reasons behind the suicide bombing of Palestinian Ayat al-Akhras that killed the two of them on March 29, 2002. While the primary narrative is through the Israeli experience, the producers did give voice to the Palestinian/Muslim perspective and contrasted […]

Love Wins | Notes & Review

March 20, 2011


[Thanks to Janelle for our “limited edition” copy! You are loved.] Rob Bell. Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived. HarperOne: 2011. (200 pages) First, the Press… Martin Bashir on the Paul Edwards Program afterwards: The March 12 interview in New York by Lisa Miller: […]

Religulous | Notes & Review

March 18, 2011

0 Religulous [R], 2008 — VIA — So, while some of my colleagues may be judgmentally inquisitive of me for watching this film, it seems good to me to understand life in its full…and yes, Bill Maher and Religulous must be taken into account as a part of the fullness of this life. To discount […]

Friends of God | Notes & Review

March 7, 2011


Friends of God. HBO home video, 2007. — VIA — Obviously things have changed quite a bit from 2007. Ted Haggard’s “fall from grace,” the death of Jerry Falwell, the election of President Obama being the key events. And there are many things that haven’t: Acquire the Fire’s tour schedule is full, pro-life rhetoric […]

Brother Jesus | Notes & Review

March 6, 2011


Schalom Ben-Chorin. Brother Jesus: The Nazarene through Jewish Eyes. University of Georgia Press, 2001. (252 pages) 1 The Figure of Jesus For me, the New Testament is certainly not holy scripture in the canonical sense. …it is a document that belongs to the history of Jewish faith and preserves much of relevance to the salvation […]