The Calling | Notes & Review

Posted on December 21, 2010


Available on iTunes. PBS Independent Films website.

I began taking notes, and then realized about 15% of the way into the film, this is not a note taking kind of documentary. It’s a slower paced more sentimentally empathic documentary. While I expected more of a thoughtful engagement with the challenges, tensions, ideologies, theologies, cultures, etc., of ministry in this (and their) context(s), what we saw was simply individuals’ personal sense of calling and the varieties of events that followed.

There was no strong driving point to be made, nor a truly underlying theme.

Some institutions mentioned: Azusa Pacific University, Hartford Seminary, Mount Holyoke, Fuller Theological Seminary, Yeshivat Chovavei Torah Rabbinical School.

I did feel that this quote was poignant, however, and could capture a bit of what the film depicted.

That’s the thing about chaplaincy. It’s not about you. People are here to discuss things about themselves.