Despicable Me | Notes & Review

Posted on August 30, 2010


Illumination Entertainment. [PG]

Cute. Funny. At times laugh out loud hilarious. And honestly, I cried more in this movie than in Toy Story 3. And most importantly, where can I get one (or a hundred) of those minions? They’re just hilarious.

So, does this film speak to the “good” and the “tenderness” that lies within each of us that can only be unlocked by the innocence of children? Does it draw attention to the brilliance of kids and the stupidity of adults? Is this a clarion call to all of us to love, not just our children, but ourselves as well? Am I reading too much into the moral of the story rather than simply enjoying it as a “feel good” film?

Sure. Why not? But shouldn’t we all?!

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