Leadership Summit 2010 | Bill Hybels – From Here To There

Posted on August 5, 2010

“Personally, I’ve never understood inactivity. Why a person would sit when he could soar, be a spectator when he could play, or atrophy when he could develop…is beyond me!”


RESOURCE: The Power of a Whisper
RESOURCE: Bill Hybels Amazon Page

Some fundamental reminders of leadership…

Leaders move people from here to there:

However, after vision casting, I would get some emails suggesting, in so many words that the people like it “here (H). So, what do you do? Do you crank up the vision casting another 500 degrees? Do you convince them that “there (T)” will be “bliss on a stick?

Well, I’ve learned something about moving people from “here” to “there.”

* The first play is not to make “there” sound wonderful. The first play is to make “here” sound awful. Your God given job is not to merely preside over something, or preserve something from its gradual demise, your job is to figure out what God wants to get done in this world, figure out what role you play, and then to move from here (H) to there (T).

Leaders understand that it takes fantastic people:

One of the greatest joys of leadership is the assembling and knitting together of teams of fantastic people. Take that away from leadership and I don’t want to play.

You’ll remember that I look for the 3 C’s (character, competence, chemistry). In recent months, I’ve been playing with the idea of adding another “C,” “culture.” What kind of person flourishes on our unique team? What kind person feels at home on our team and catch stride?

Willow is high-challenge, fast-changing, results-oriented, and sacrificial to the core. If you want low-challenge, easy-going, mundane, and low-sacrifice, Willow is not for you. A fundamental of leadership is to acquire fantastic people that will flourish in your culture.

DETOUR: If you got notice that a staff member is resigning, you’ve got one of three reactions.

  1. Whew! Whoo hoo!
  2. Ugh! Rehiring is hard work and who wants to go through that
  3. Complete and utter despair; I want to vomit. They are, by all human means, irreplaceable.

If this person resigned, what would you reaction be? You want all “vomit” people on your team.

Willow went to those Fantastic people, supported them, made a disproportionate investment in them, and asked them what they (the leadership of Willow) could change to remove hindrances from their work. One staff member testifies that his own family never believed in him so much. He’ll never forget that conversation. One of the unspeakable privileges of leadership is the holy challenge of assembling and inspiring a team of people, without whom we could never get from here to there.

Do you see this as a leadership fundamental? Do you view this as a privilege? Does it positively inspire you? Does it define your culture? Are there sensitive conversations you need to have with some “fantastic people?” Are there sensitive conversations you need to have with some “whew” people?

Mile Markers and Celebrations

How do you inspire people to stay on the journey? If you’re trying to move people from there to there? Where are people most vulnerable? Not in the early stages. Not in the late stages? Right in the middle. If you’re not careful, you’ll lose people right there in the middle. When they’re in the middle, they forget how bad “here” was and they forget how great “there” will be. [VIA: Reminds me of “the land between.”]

Recommendation #1: Refill their vision bucket.
Recommendation #2: Celebrate every mile-marker along the way.
Even if you put them in arbitrarily. What keeps people on the journey is some sense of hope that they will get there someday. Some experts have suggested that when it comes to inspiration there is a 40% differential between an inspired person vs. a non-inspired person in their productivity. When was the last time you threw a party, not just to celebrate the destination, but to celebrate the progress?

Whispers from God

I don’t think you ever get from here (H) to there (T) in a straight line without hearing from God en route. John 10:27. The primary way God speaks to us is through the Bible. Every leader ought to be an incurable reader of the Bible. I challenge you all to be regular, relentless reader of the Bible.

If you felt that God was speaking to you throughout the course of your day, how concerned would you be about the quality of your antennae? Do you think God speaks? And will you do everything in your power to heed it?

Closing: A few whispers:

Don’t quit | Step up | Take the risk | Apologize now | Make the tough decision | Get help | Stop running from God | Slow down | Show your heart | Let others lead | Feed your soul | Bless the team | Make the ask | Do something more impactful | Come clean | Embody the vision | Celebrate the victories | Speak the truth | Pay the price | Count your blessings | End the secret | Check your motives | Set the pace | Give God your best | Get physically fit | Serve your spouse (kids) | Pray | Humble yourself

[VIA: I’ll add one more: Forgive]

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I’ve always appreciated Hybels’ teachings. Once again, appreciations are to be given. I’m thankful I have some new terminology for my fantastic staff. They truly are “vomit” people. 🙂