Modify | Notes & Review

[NOTICE: Extremely Graphic]

Modify. [NR] 2005.

I’m extremely fascinated by human behavior…all of it. By perusing this blog, one will discover that I am a person of faith, which may seem as if to conclude that movies and documentaries like this are “off-limits.” To the contrary; they must be “within the limits,” for they, too, encapsulate the whole of humanity. Learning, discovering, and entering their world is as much the calling of salt and light as is reading one’s Bible.

With that, I do not recommend this film for everyone due to the extremely graphic nature of it. And, for the most part, it is a bit more voyeuristic, and less philosophy and education. Regardless, there were a couple quotes, towards the end, which I felt were worth noting, and perhaps they tell us something, both about the sub-culture of the body-modification world, and the people of faith.

Religion is a thorn in my side. Like, hey, it’s Sunday afternoon and it’s 3:00. I want a beer with lunch. I can’t get one. Because 2000 years ago, somebody got nailed to a cross, and a bunch of people since then have had a stick up their ass about it. That somehow they think that relates somehow whether or not I should have a beer with lunch on Sunday. – Lizard man

I am decorating my temple to how it feels good for my spirit and it is pleasing to me.

The bottom line is that anything that makes someone be more comfortable with who they are [in their own skin] is fine. I’m not here to judge someone else’s point of view.

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