Israel 360 | Notes & Review

Posted on August 3, 2010


Mordechai Naor. Israel 360. MOD Publishing.

This photographic journal includes panoramic images from places like the Hula Valley, the landing place for hundreds of millions of birds on their migratory route, Kibbutz Degania, the very first Kibbutz in Israel founded in 1910, Beit She’an, Jezreel Valley, Caesarea, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, originally called “Ahuzat Bayit,” Jerusalem, the Holy City of the three main monotheistic religions, Dead Sea, more appropriately known as “the Salt Sea,” (ים המלח), Masada, Timna, with a feature shot of Solomon’s Pillars, and a few others.

Huge thanks to our 2010 tour group for giving this to us as a gift for guiding them through the land. The images are stunning, and a beautiful reminder of the journey we took, and are currently taking.

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