Toy Story 3 | Review

Posted on July 17, 2010

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The ability of Pixar to tell a story in a digital art form that is becoming more perfected with each passing day results in this compelling sequel. I am continually amazed at how objective bits and bytes can communicate so clearly emotion and feeling so as to be compelled that there is a deeply connected reality between matter and metaphysics that we have exploited, but barely understood. As movies are now emerging in 3-D, the gap between product and person closes one step further.

As for the film, unfortunately, I read way too many reviews before attending the theater. While I was moved, and well entertained, I was too prompted by the potential ‘cry-fest’ that was to ensue that it eluded me altogether (not true, however, with “Up.” I cry every time at that movie). Nevertheless, it is touching and worth watching, and perhaps inspiring for compassionate acts of care, for things, for people, and for all that comes behind us.

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