Lord, Save Us From Your Followers | Notes & Review

Dan Merchant, http://lordsaveusthemovie.com/, [PG-13]

See also the book by the same title.

— VIA —

I wasn’t sure how this film was going to turn out. I suppose the title and the packaging led me to believe that this was going to be yet another cynical look at religion, an outcry against the hypocrisies of the “faithful.” Though there are definitely some tones of that message, I was greatly surprised, and at points in the film even moved to tears at the hopefulness of the message. I was left feeling inspired and honestly moved to be and act more loving and more compassionate. I consider it in alignment with what God has been doing in my heart over the last 3 decades of my life.

It definitely isn’t easy, however. There are still complicated questions that loom, and as with all films, there are edits, I’m sure, that contrived the concluding message. But I can easily look past the shortcomings of the medium, and be blessed and thankful for the message that Merchant ultimately wanted to convey. Perhaps intentionally, he accomplished in this production what many are doing in reality; that is, the pursuit to do good, “in spite of” the complexities and discouragements of real life, and the mixture of “bad” that exists within all situations.

Finally, I would commend this film to the religious and non-religious alike. It’s one of those presentations that hopefully inspire all of us, no matter where we are on the spectrum of belief, and in spite of our biases and deeply seated emotions, to consider again, the great potentiality of humanity, to believe and act in kindness and love, and to do good, and not just simply believe in good.

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