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שמע – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

July 27, 2010


Perhaps the most important word in the Bible is “Sh’ma.” I am deeply thankful for Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ comments. Below are just a few of the snippets that I want to take away: The Greeks were the supreme masters of the visual arts: art, sculpture, architecture and the theatre. Jews, as a matter of profound […]

As A Driven Leaf | Notes & Review

July 17, 2010


Milton Steinberg. As A Driven Leaf. Behrman House, Inc., 1939. (480 pages) This is a historical fiction story of Elisha ben Abuya, based upon historical records, but pieced and crafted together by the author with some elaborations and dismissals. Thus it is “intended as a novel, not a biography.” (478) I picked up this book […]

Toy Story 3 | Review

July 17, 2010

0, [PG] — VIA — The ability of Pixar to tell a story in a digital art form that is becoming more perfected with each passing day results in this compelling sequel. I am continually amazed at how objective bits and bytes can communicate so clearly emotion and feeling so as to be compelled that […]

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers | Notes & Review

July 16, 2010


Dan Merchant,, [PG-13] See also the book by the same title. — VIA — I wasn’t sure how this film was going to turn out. I suppose the title and the packaging led me to believe that this was going to be yet another cynical look at religion, an outcry against the hypocrisies of […]