Jesus and the Victory of God | Notes & Review

Posted on May 3, 2010


N.T. Wright. Jesus and the Victory of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Volume 2). Fortress Press,1996. (741 pages)

It was serendipitous for Wheaton to be holding their Theology Conference featuring Wright, and particularly this work. Audio available here.

Part I/Introduction

1. Jesus Then and Now

2. Heavy Traffic on Wredebahn: The ‘New Quest’ Renewed?

3. Back to the Future: The ‘Third Quest’

4. Prodigals and Paradigms

Part II/Profile of a Prophet

5. The Praxis of a Prophet

6. Stories of the Kingdom (1): Announcement

7. Stories of the Kingdom (2): Invitation, Welcome, Challenge and Summons

8. Stories of the Kingdom (3): Judgment and Vindication

9. Symbol and Controversy

10. The Questions of the Kingdom

Part III/The Aims and Beliefs of Jesus

11. Jesus and Israel: The Meaning of Messiahship

12. The Reasons for Jesus’ Crucifixion

13. The Return of the King

Part IV/Conclusion

14. Results