Logos 4

Posted on February 3, 2010


We have been using this software for several years now, and we are extremely grateful for the power and accessibility of the program. With the new release (v.4), the iPhone application, and the forthcoming full release of the Mac version (I’m on PC and my wife is on a Mac…yeah, we’re THAT kind of household!), we are appreciating even more the company and the product. In addition, the housing of our products on the servers gives me a real peace of mind regarding my hardware upgrades, which are coming soon (need a faster machine!)

My wife and I are in our last year of seminary (Lord willing), and the kinds of papers we are able to write are exponentially better than if we had not utilized this software. We are dedicated to the original languages, and having them available with full form and function while the professor is lecturing is amazing (and often times challenging for the professor as we offer some loving “corrections” during lectures).

For us, however, this is no indecorous endeavor. Our commitment has been to the Scriptures, and to understand fully the truths of our historical faith. Having accurate archaeological, philological, historical, and cultural information is invaluable to our study, and our ministry (well, and to the basic understanding of our faith). I also teach at an undergraduate level, and am thankful to utilize this tool in my classroom and encourage my students to take hold of the materials available to them.

Financially, honestly, the costs of schooling are really straining us. First, three of the four people in our house are in higher education (our daughter is in college). Second, the costs, as you all know, keep going up. Lord willing, we’ll make it, but any supplemental help would be a blessing.

Thanks to “seminary scholarship” for the possible opportunity.